42 days in and I can see the downward trend! Also ahead of my goal of 1lb per week. Thanks CICO!! :) : loseit

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My real weight, my predicted weight and my goal weight

5’3 | SW: 131 | CW: 123 | GW: ~110

42 days in and I’ve misplaced nearly 9lbs! Though most days I have been plateauing (I often drop some weight each alternate week), I will see the development!

Finest purchases I’ve made thus far:

  1. My Apple Watch SE. Amazingly, it has been extraordinarily correct in summing up my TDEE. I believed at first I must scale back the quantity of energy burnt by an element of 1.2 or 1.5, but it surely seems that taking it at face worth offers the very best match to my weight trajectory!

  2. My scale. I used to weigh myself as soon as every week on the health club, however I would not have seen all of the in between fluctuations (which supplies you an concept of the development line).

  3. My meals scale. To precisely choose how a lot I am consuming, and holding myself accountable for that!

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