5 bad habits that are damaging your eye on a daily basis

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What are going to cover?

5 habits that are damaging your eyes I is the most precious organ of our body however everyday we are damaging our most precious organ table of some of bad habits that actually reduce the power of eye nerve.
It is hard to imagine our body without I however everyday intentionally or unintentionally we keep harming our I it actually leads to Blurred vision and many other eye problem in this blog I am going to write about the five bad habit that is taking away your eye power

First habit is starting on the screen :

When we stare on the screen of the TV laptop phone without blinking our eyes go dry. Then the dead cells of our eye start accumulating and accumulation of dead cells over the period of time causes Blurred vision in our eye .of course we have a job where we have to sit on the computer for the whole day. So what you can do is start taking a break after every 1 hour. Walk sometimes and have some water you. It will keep you hydrated which is most important for the eye.

The second bad habit is rubbing the eye:

people who have taken to Ram their eyes very often seriously damage the tissue of blood vessels moreover if your hands are not clean jumps on your fingertips cause the irritation and many other eye problem so next time if you feel irritated gently message your I instead rubbing it

Number 3 habit is reading while travelling:

Reading or writing while travelling is not good for your health because you are I will be in constant strain because the text you are reading or writing is moving it hard to focus on so it makes it difficult for your eyes and now there is a people use their smartphone or text, someone while travelling the tiny letter of your phone strain on your eyes which may result in Blurred vision so please avoid unnecessary reading texting or chatting while travelling

Number 4 not wearing sunglasses in outside:

Sunglass is not made for fashion it is made for to protect your eyes from the sunlight and many other A particle exposure of the sun’s UV rays can seriously damage your eyes so make a habit of wearing sunglasses whenever you are outside

Number 5 habits is working on low light :

our elders always suggested us that not to read in low light and there is a reason for that. Reading and writing in low light weakness the eye muscle it actually e put immense pressure on the eye and if you are using a mobile phone in a dark room you are ruining your vision so make sure you are always working on profile light so these are some habits which actually effects on our eye badly. In the next blog, I will share some good habits.

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