5 best eye care habits

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In the previous blog, I have written about 5 bad habits that actually damaging your eye. In this Now let’s see what are the things we can do to reverse the damage of our eye.

For the first and most important thing is food:

Foods are essential for better vision. This is very important to add certain food on your diet, green leafy vegetable very rich in micronutrients and carrot is rich in vitamin A Amla rich in vitamin C. Those should be consumed daily. on the other hand, if you want to be your eyes healthy you should consume Omega 3 fatty acid. And for the Omega 3 fatty acids, we have to consume Salman and almond walnuts. You should quit taking salt because excessive salt dihydrate the ice.so if you want to take care of your eyes you have to take care of your diet.

Number to habit is exercise :

For your eyes always do exercise. For our body, we build muscle what we forget to exercise on our eyes. little 5 to 10 minutes exercise on our eyes can increase our eye power dramatically. So to do eye exercise fast is to move your eyeballs in a circular motion second is tightly closed your eyes and open it slowly and third is very simple just rub your hand palm and place it on eye .the warmness of your fun will take care of your right eye . And acupressure point is also helpful, we should press for a minute an acupressure point between the index and middle finger these are super effective some exercise for your eyes

Number 3 eye cleaning :

We often forget to clean our eye properly. When you want to clean your eye with water make sure your mouth full of water and then wash your eyes. You will get an amazing benefit. Because when you fill your mouth with water your eyes open up completely so it is washed properly. you can take your rose water to take your eye care routine in the next level. jGulab Jal and feel the rest of of with water it is it is an wonderful way to clean your eyes and protect from infection
number 4 habit is regular eye check up ice on the the most precious organ of our body that’s why it needs constant care so it is highly recommended that you visit to doctor once in a year eye check up should not be a vision check up but a total check up

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