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Hello 21F right here. I am new to this subreddit and it is my first time posting. I am primarily doinf this to myself, to carry myself accountable and cease with excuses. Because the begin of quarantine I have been making an attempt to drop some weight however i solely appear to achieve. I am hoping that placing this put up on the market, even when nobody reads it should preassure me sufficient to cease consuming and begin doing cardio

Notice: I have not weighed myself in over an 12 months and I will not till i am going not less than a aize down. A couple of occasions simply my physique and my new stretch marks gave me panic assaults, and the numbers are very triggering

I’ve all the time struggled with my weight, whether or not I used to be skinny or chubby. As a baby i used to be a number of occasions greater than my buddies, however I began rising actually quick, and as a teen I used to be fairly skinny (at 12 I used to be 5’7 and 123, which i maintained till 16). I then gained some weight in highschool and for many of faculty i fluctuated between 150-160lbs, which was fantastic by me.

Within the final 12 months I bought identified with Main despair (I all the time had dysthymia, a persistent reasonable type of despair) and this episode has been my longest thus far, over a 12 months. I gained a fairly a little bit of weight in the mean time, from a dimension eight to a 12 in denims. I all the time had issues with sugar and carb cravings, however since my signs bought worse they bought nearly uncontrollable (my psychiatrist did say I had points with compulsive consuming)

Proper now my foremost motive for losing a few pounds it is as a result of it is severely impacting my life, going anyplace public offers me dangerous anxiousness, and seeing buddies is sort of inconceivable.

My plan: Consuming as little as I can, with a max of 1200kcal a day, however hopefully staying underneath. I’ll do cardio as a lot as I can, however train tends to steer me to overeating, so let’s have a look at if I can cease that.

My foremost impediment: Cravings. I can deal no drawback with starvation, however when a robust craving hits I fully neglect how a lot my purpose is necessary.

My purpose: becoming all my garments once more the way in which i used to a 12 months in the past, I do not need to take into consideration numbers proper now

Btw, I’m at the moment seeing each a psychiatrist and a therapist and the one medicine I am on is Concerta 36mg to assist my drowsiness. (doesn’t change my urge for food from what I’ve seen)

Additionally, the picture is terrible, however it’s principally a remind for myself. And sorry for the lengthy put up


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