My mental state is at complete trainwreck for the last 6-7 weeks, so I’ve decided to share some face gains with you’all to help my mind to find it’s peace. : loseit

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Left one is from my first physician’s appointment and the appropriate one is only a random tipsy elevator selfie on persian new yr.

My stats: M34/172cm/SW: 464/CW: 240(?)/GW: 145(?)

How i did it? No IF, keto, paleo, water fasting, vegan or no matter stylish bs instagram “influencers” are attempting to promote you. I simply counted my energy (GW maintance energy ~1700 with 140g proteins), and strolling round 20-25ok steps 5/2 (as my job requires me to be this lively) with 10-15-20ok steps on weekends.

Additionally i’ve watched a variety of youtube movies about diet, tips on how to prepare dinner, about psychology of the fats loss.

Generally i do breaks, generally i nonetheless binge as an emotional eater (like yesterday when i went over 6000 kcal or so) however i do know that so long as i’m constant i’m going ahead. I cant fail this. And neither are you able to.

Im planning to implement extra bodily workouts however my nervousness is stopping from beginning that (however im engaged on that).


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