Playing the long game : loseit

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I misplaced weight and now I have been sustaining my weight reduction for about 5 years. Over these years, I’ve realized that “upkeep” doesn’t imply that your weight is precisely the identical on a regular basis. Fairly, my weight fluctuates:

Over the course of the week as I’ve roughly salt/carbs/fiber, eat earlier or later within the day, or train roughly. Over the course of the month as I transfer via my hormone cycle and stability greater calorie social consuming days. Over the course of the 12 months as I take holidays and eat extra via vacation seasons

So, in varied short-term intervals, it’s going to usually seem like I am shedding or gaining weight. However, once I have a look at my weight knowledge over the long run, I can see that I’m sustaining.


That is upkeep. My objective is not to weigh precisely 125lbs on a regular basis. It is okay that I am nearer to 130 proper now as a result of, figuring out my habits and routine, I do know that I will get again right down to 125 and slightly below inside a number of months so long as I exert a tiny little bit of effort.

So, do not stress about modifications or lack thereof within the quick time period. It is all in regards to the lengthy sport.

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